Stray Kids: I.N is a great vocalist and these videos prove it


In STRAY KIDS we can find all the talent and dedication of amazing idols, like I.N, who despite being the maknae of the group, shows amazing skills as a vocalist.

Yang Jeongin was born on February 8, 2001 in Busan, South Korea, from a very young age he shone as a model as a child and as he grew older he discovered his great talent for singing; he would soon become a JYP Entertainment trainee and start preparing to stand out.

Jeongin spent 2 years as a trainee before entering the reality show that created STRAY KIDS and being chosen as one of the members for the boy band, despite being the youngest boy in the ranks of this idol group, he showed with great will and conviction to be part of the group.

With SKZ, I.N has not only proven to be a great singer, but also an excellent dancer; although he stands out for his voice as part of the VOCALRACHA subunit and the sweetness of his intonation gives each track of this K-Pop group a characteristic stamp.

Do you want to witness all the talent of I.N from STRAY KIDS? Here we leave you some videos that show his amazing vocal ability.


1. I.N in Gone Away

‘Gone Away’ is a b-side of the album ‘NOEASY’ by STRAY KIDS, in this, Jeongin participated alongside Han and Seungmin, in this composition we can notice the amazing vocal ability of the SKZ maknae.

Jeongin singing in Gone Away | Twitter: @strayssick

2. Huh Gak’s cover of I.N

Alone, SKZ’s IN released a cover of Korean singer Huh Gak’s song ”향기만 남아’, one that shows more of his amazing talent as a vocalist, smooth and firm in his tone, let more of his shine be appreciated for STAY .

3. I.N on the cover of Tomorrow, Today

Woojin, Seungmin and IN teamed up to cover the song ‘Tomorrow, Today’, original from JJ Project, in this we can see more of Jeongin’s talents that impressed with his soft voice, but always strong and full of Energy.

4. I.N in Again and Again

STRAY KIDS released the cover of 2PM’s song ‘Again and Again’, where Jeongin showed us his great vocal range that gave all his fans goosebumps, he is definitely an excellent vocalist in K-Pop.

5. I.N with his cover of If It’s You

Jeongin released a cover of Jung Seung-hwan’s song ‘If It’s You’, with his version, he shone again like no one else and showed us all the great talent and smooth voice of him that STAY loves and admires.

I.N’s talent for singing is simply undeniable and his fans can’t stop admiring him and seeing all the brilliance that dazzles and comes from this amazing idol.

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