Stray Kids’ Hyunjin falls in love with fans with him makeover


Stray Kids’ Hyunjin makes Stay fall in love with him new makeover, a sleek and gorgeous blonde. The JYP boygroup member prepares for the comeback with the repackage of “GO”, the boys will release their new album this September 14 with the title “IN” and they have already revealed various advances through their social networks, so that Hyunjin decided to dye his hair again.

The idol is an MC of the music show Show! Music Core, so he showed his new side to fans in the most recent episode. The idol would have shown a dark and rebellious side in the teasers of “IN”, because for a long time he let his long hair grow, for the comeback trailer he showed it in pale pink, in the promotional photos he had it silver, but decided go back to the blonde.

Hyunjin continued to steal Stay’s sighs by making a live broadcast through the VLive platform, where he interacted for a long time with his fans, responding to comments and even doing some dynamics to show them his love, but he also modeled his new hair, because she took off the woolly hat she was wearing.

Stay shared various photos and clips of Hyunjin’s hair on social networks, because in addition, long hair gives him greater appeal, they hope that the Stray Kids idol will not cut it soon, because K-pop fans have among their favorite looks the so-called ponytail that some singers make during promotions.

Hyujin decided to model his hair a bit, it is expected that the idol will dye a new color for the promotions of “IN”, although the blonde does not look bad at all. Stay also reaffirmed him support for the singer, because beyond a pretty face she is a boy with different talented facets. After his live, his name was positioned in Twitter trends.


Stray Kids recently released new previews for “IN” with various songs like “Wow,” “W ego,” and “My Universe.”


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