Stray Kids had great moments during their Unlock concert


Stray Kids held a virtual concert through the Beyond Live brand, the K-pop group joined the new dynamic in the industry.

Despite the pandemic, idols have been able to reconnect with their fans through distance, either through new albums and comebacks, live broadcasts through their official channels, programs or concerts, which have had to be modified. in order to maintain security measures in the face of the health crisis.

On Sunday night, Stray Kids held their virtual show “Beyond Live: Unlock GO LIVE IN LIFE”, a concert that brought together Stay from all over the world to support them from the comfort of their rooms, some were lucky enough to appear in a kind of group chat that was projected on a huge screen backstage.

The group, characterized by having a great rap and dance line, surprised Stay with each of their performances, from ballads, hip hop, to their most recent hits. Stray Kids showed off their best rhymes and dance steps, also prepared various special performances that combined with technology such as laser lights and holograms.

Stay shared various messages through Twitter, positioning various hashtags by sharing their opinions and reactions during the live concert. Due to the health crisis, K-pop groups have had to adapt to the new ways of doing shows, because they cannot go on tour and somehow want to continue to shine on stage and greet their fans.

If you missed the show, we leave you a list with the best moments of the Stray Kids virtual concert.


If you couldn’t see the concert, don’t worry, Stray Kids have a great musical repertoire to help you say goodbye to stress, we leave you 8 of their best songs.


One of the favorite moments of every fan is when their idols speak in Spanish, the concert brought together fans from all over the world and Stay was able to enjoy some phrases said by Hyunjin and Bangchan during the first meet of the concert.

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The group Stray Kids is distinguished by having an urban style in several of their songs and having one of the best rap lines in K-pop, they even have a specialized subunit called 3RACHA made up of Han, Bangchan and Changbin, who demonstrated their talent with their best rhymes.

God’s menu

Stray Kids performed one of their comebacks with this song and introduced it to their fans for the first time outside of promotional shows. Stay was able to meet a new performance where the boys wore some typical Korean costumes while showing their talent for dancing.

Side Effects

Another of Stay’s favorite performances was “Side Effects”, another of his comebacks. The song has a great electronic music sound and the group used laser and light technology to create a unique setting while recreating incredible choreography.

WOW, dance line

Stray Kids is also known for their talent for dance and the dance line showed their talent with WOW, a song they presented through a performance on a water track, winning the praise of their fans for the effort they invested for this number.

Traditional instruments

For God’s Menu they incorporated a special performance into the song, each of the members played a kind of traditional drums, highlighting Korean culture through their music while wearing elegant black suits.

Bangchan Council

After finishing the concert, Bangchan decided to broadcast on VLive to live with Stay a while longer, the idol thanked their support during the concert, but also decided to give them some advice: value the dancers who accompany them, as they are one of the group and not just “someone of support”, the leader of Stray Kids asked them to recognize their importance, as they also helped the group to be where today.


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