Stray Kids’ Felix Reveals Why He Didn’t Want To Reveal His Childhood Photos


Fans love to see childhood photos of their favorite idols.

This also goes for Stray Kids members. We are lucky, because many photos of Felix can be found on the internet.

You can see him growing up in the different photos.

Recently, Felix explained on ‘The K-Star Next Door’ show that he actually wanted to avoid having his childhood photos exposed.

The host, asked Felix about his photos. The idol replied that he actually asked his childhood friends to delete them all.

In fact, Felix didn’t like his younger appearance. He thought he was “chubby”.

But his friends found him on the contrary adorable, and wanted to show that to the whole world. Felix added: “I said this should stay between us. My friends betrayed me. »

To be honest, we are very grateful to Felix’s friends for these photos!


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