Stray Kids Fashion: Create an Image of Han for The CASE 143 Clip Without Going Beyond The Budget


Stray Kids returned in October this year with their first title song on the theme of love “CASE 143” and a new mini-album “MAXIDENT”. A music video accompanying the title track was also released at the same time as the album. The song with a memorable chorus and choreography became another masterpiece of the band. Also, you wouldn’t want to miss the charming Stray Kids clothing selection in the clip.

In this article, we will focus only on the image of Han from Stray Kids in the clip “CASE 143”, which you can achieve without spending a decent amount of money.

Stray Kids Fashion: Achieve the image of Han “MAXIDENT” MV without going over budget

1. Heart earrings

First, let’s take a look at one of Han’s earrings from Stray Kids. He was wearing one piece of Anna Flair’s colorful AE120029 red heart earrings. This product is available in three other colors such as pink, white and yellow. One earring costs 12,420 won (approximately US$ 9).

If $9 is a high price for you, don’t worry, we found some cheaper heart earrings online. Here is option 1 and option 2.

2. Ring earrings

Another part of the earring that Khan wore in the Stray Kids’ “CASE 143” clip is a VVV Princess Heart ring earring with cubic zirconia. According to the brand’s website, the product costs 3,190 yen (almost $22).

For a more affordable set of earrings, you can check THIS OUT. It has thousands of great reviews and costs only $13. Another option we have found for you is THIS, which costs only $15.

3. Denim jacket

Stray Kids Han

Then the denim jacket worn by the Korean rapper — Gucci Jacket Denim Apple AW21. Currently, the product is sold out, the price is unknown. But considering that it is one of the luxury brands in the world, a denim jacket probably has a high price.

For a denim jacket, we have found several inexpensive options from which you can choose. Here is option A, option B and option B.

4. T-shirt

Han paired his Gucci denim jacket in Stray Kids’ “CASE 143” clip with a Prada T-shirt. The shirt is called “Tulle and jersey T-shirt with sequin embroidery” and costs $1,720. It is available in two colors: white/cyclamen pink and white/black.

Since there aren’t many tulle T-shirts on the internet, you can buy tulle fabric instead (click here to view the product), as well as another jersey T-shirt. You can buy a baseball jersey here or a football jersey here.

5. Denim jeans

Now a pair of denim jeans worn by an idol is a thing from Surgery or Surgery. These are Surgery Destroyed Denim Light Blue jeans, which are available in three sizes: small, medium and large. Jeans made of cotton cost 368,000 won (about 255 US dollars).

If you can’t afford Surgery denim jeans, you can buy inexpensive ones, for example: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3 and Option 4.

6. Belt

To complement the image of Han in the Stray Kids “CASE 143” clip, add a belt. The rapper specifically used the YSL Black Three Passant Belt. Its average price is $300.

If you also want to complement your look with a belt, you can choose one of the following inexpensive options that we searched on the Internet: Option A, Option B and Option C.


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