Stray Kids: Everything We Love From Red Lights’ New MV


STRAY KIDS idols shock us with the new music videos for NOEASY’s Red Lights. Since the teaser for ‘Red Lights’, Bang Chan and Hyunjin have raced STAY’s heart to the max, and now that the full MV has been revealed, fans haven’t stopped watching.

With ‘NOEASY’ , STRAY KIDS is taking over the world, each song shows a different side of idols but they are all just as good; this album is excellent, and STAY has a hard time choosing a single favorite song; This is why the K-Pop band also went to great lengths to release various music videos.

With ‘Thunderous’ , ‘Domino’ and ‘Cheese’ we thought SKZ would have enough of MVs , but now they released ‘Red Lights’ , remember the teaser for this one? STAY collapsed from that moment with Hyunjin and Bang Chan ; now their full version is full of the talents of both idols .

What did you like the most about the Red Lights video ? There are many points that highlight this new video of STRAY KIDS no one can stop watching, discover thoroughly over the MV .



The colors , the photography, and the concept that ‘Red Lights’ handles is something amazing, from black and white to color and the positioning of our main characters make the aesthetics of this video phenomenal.

Which was your favorite scene?

The music

The beat of this song is just great and the guitar adds a very special touch to this track , in contrast to the voices of Hyunjin and Bangchan , who peacefully seduce listeners, that’s why we love the music .

Without a doubt a great song , both for the instrumental and the lyrics.


The dance perfect and synchronized Hyunjin and Chan seems out of this world, it’s just a phenomenal thing; the dance has a lot of overtones and the choreography is really great.

Would you do a dance cover of this song?


This video has energy with some overtones of power and is very sensual as well, both the dance and some movements of the idols lead us to have some very deep thoughts.

With very elegant movements.

The world was waiting for this incredible video and now STAY is waiting for a performance , even though Bang Chan said there wouldn’t be.


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