Stray Kids Confirmed to Appear on ‘Tokopedia WIB’ in October


Stray Kids has been confirmed to be the next K-Pop idol to appear on the ‘Tokopedia WIB TV Show‘ in October.


On Sunday (10/10), Tokopedia announced that this boy group from JYP Entertainment will be the next guest star on the ‘Tokopedia WIB TV Show‘.

Through a video released by Tokopedia, Stray Kids members exclusively announced that they would appear on the ‘Tokopedia WIB TV Show‘ which will air on October 25, 2021.

As in previous months, through the ‘Tokopedia WIB TV Show’ program, Stray Kids members will certainly perform their newest song and play a quiz with the MCs.

While waiting for Stray Kids‘ appearance on the upcoming ‘Tokopedia WIB TV Show’, you can watch the announcement video below!


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