Stray Kids’ Changbin debuts his song Streetlight, what does it mean?


The idol surprised STAY by the emotional lyrics of their song. Stray Kids keeps enjoying their free time during quarantine, time they have taken to dedicate themselves to other things or to be inspired by new songs.

Changbin decided to surprise the fandom with a new song that he composed by himself and had the help of his partner Ban Chang . The letter is a sincere letter about the emotional problems he has suffered.

Titled “Streetlight,” Changbin shared a video where she sings to Stay about the suffering she was once a victim of: feeling lonely. The idol was sincere through music and admits having lived moments where he laughed, but in reality he was having a hard time.

The meaning of this single is about going through problems without being able to tell someone, therefore, the idol invited their fans to trust others and open up, maybe they will not solve anything, but having someone listen to you can ease your pain.

Some fans shared their thoughts about the song on social media, as they identified with the sentiment that Changbin embodied .

It is not the first time that the members expressed their support for STAY, the boys are always looking for ways to encourage them to get ahead despite the difficulties, Felix has also shared tips to help them overcome those bad times.


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