Stray Kids celebrates 2 years with STAY


The Stray Kids boys thanked the support and celebrated their fans. Time has passed very quickly since Stray Kids debuted on March 25, 2015.

During this time, the group has achieved great achievements and also earned recognition from K-Pop fans inside and outside Korea.

But not only the talent of the members of Stray Kids was necessary for them to be such a popular group now, since a key piece to the increase in their fame was their own fandom, who has continued to show support with each musical release.

Shortly after their debut, Stray Kids gave their same fandom a name that grew day by day. Some of their loyal fans were supporting them from before their debut thanks to the survival show they were part of, while others were beginning to discover how talented these guys are.

It was then that Stray Kids chose the name of STAY for those followers who support their work and who always show affection to them.

The name responds to its similarity to the word Stray, but the R that differentiates these words refers to the word ‘reason’, noting that STAY is the reason why Stray Kids can continue to do what they love the most.

Today, STAYs around the world celebrate two years since their fandom’s appointment, and with the hashtag # STAY2getherWithSKZ they shared messages of pride in belonging to this community.

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