Stray Kids Celebrate Christmas Holiday by Releasing MV ‘Christmas EveL’


Stray Kids finally released their special music video entitled ‘Christmas EveL‘. ‘Christmas EveL‘ is a special Christmas holiday song released by Stray Kids on Monday (29/11).

With the theme of Christmas holidays and fantasy, this time Stray Kids presents a slightly different concept from the usual music videos.

In addition to ‘Christmas EveL‘, this single also has the title of the second main song ‘Winter Falls’, then the songs ’24 to 25′ and ‘Domino (English Version)’. The music video for the song ‘Winter Falls’ will be released on November 30, 2021.

The physical album ‘Christmas EveL‘ will also be available in two different versions, namely the ‘Limited’ and ‘Standard‘ versions.

You can immediately watch Stray Kids‘ performance in the following ‘Christmas EveL‘ music video!