Stray Kids’ Bang Chan shares details of his life


The Stray Kids leader opened his heart to STAY, talking about his family, hobbies, experiences, and other interesting details.

Bang Chan hosted the 88th episode of the show Chan’s Room, the Stray Kids member talked about his experiences before fame, hobbies, favorite foods, and recommended songs to STAY.

Christopher Chan is an artist who lives a lot with his fandom through social networks and online platforms. The rapper presented chapter 88 of the show Chan’s Room , the live broadcast had a twist and was recorded from the idol’s room .

From the comfort of his bed, the Stray Kids leader revealed that he is a roommate of Felix and Changbin , the dynamic is fun and enjoyable, he only complained about the annoying noise of the mattresses when moving.

Bang Chan showed his most sincere side, revealed details of his life before being a K- pop artist , when he lived in Australia, family businesses, experiences with famous people, and activities he did in recent days.


The interpreter of ‘God’s Menu’ took advantage of the free days to relax and play entertaining games in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake video game, he confessed that the character who completely caught him was Cloud Strife.

Bang Chan recalled an interesting cultural experience, the idol’s father had a swimming club, one of the members of the place invited Bang Chan’s family for dinner and they enjoyed a delicious Indian curry.

In the chat they asked what he had eaten lately, he said that his favorite dish was fried rice with eggs, he craved all the attendees of the clip, since he explained that he cooks and with time he will improve.

In Chan’s Room the music could not be missing and some songs that Christopher Chan put to liven up the video were: ‘Gone Days’ by Stray Kids, ‘ I See ‘by Jung Jin Woo,’ Talking To The Moon ‘by Bruno Mars,’ I See Fire ‘by Ed Sheran and’ Quando Quando ‘by Michael Buble in collaboration with Nelly Furtado.

A few days ago, Felix of Stray Kids released a new video of ASMR, the rapper K-pop showed STAY its sweets, treats and favorite drinks.


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