Stray Kids, ‘B Me’ Song with Dramatic Teaser Videos


Like in the previous comeback, Stray Kids is back with a short video to play a cut from one of their comeback songs.

On Monday (07/09) early in the morning, JYP Entertainment released a Stray Kids teaser video which is more than two minutes long, where fans can listen to footage of the song ‘B Me’ which will be included in the repackage album ‘IN LIFE’ earlier than the release. .

In addition to listening to song clips, we are also presented with specially recorded scenes as a visualization of one of his new songs.

Stray Kids is indeed preparing to make a comeback by releasing the repackage album “IN LIFE” which will contain 17 songs in total, including the title track “Back Door”.

While looking forward to the release on September 14, 2020, watch the new teaser from the following boy group.

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