STRAY KIDS And Christmas EveL Fill Stay With Gifts In New Teaser


STRAY KIDS Christmas single is getting closer and closer and idols continue to thrill us with previews of Christmas Eve. ‘Christmas EveL’ will be STRAY KIDS ‘next Christmas single containing a variety of special songs for STAY, the idol group continues to generate excitement with each new teaser for this release.

STAY will have the best Christmas of all thanks to STRAY KIDS, the idols have put all their creativity, skills and talents for new songs that will be the ideal winter soundtrack for all their fandom; with ‘Christmas EveL’, a very special single.

SKZ’s ‘Christmas EveL’, will have 4 songs, 3 will be new special tracks with a Christmas theme, while the last one will be ‘Domino’, which we find on the album ‘NOEASY’, but for the group’s Christmas single it will have its English Version.

STRAY KIDS will have a variety of styles and emotions embodied in ‘Christmas EveL’, each song is in a different rhythm and will surprise STAY at all times; also, for the main theme of this single they will premiere an official MV.

SKZ idols will become STAY’s Santa Claus for the official video for ‘Christmas EveL’ and they show it in the new teaser, with which they get their fanbase excited for the premiere of their new music.


In the new preview for the official Christmas EveL MV, STRAY KIDS is in a gift shop choosing the best ones, lightning quickly touches all the members and teleports them to the outside of the establishment, but now we see them different.

They all have a Santa Claus outfit and carry lots of gifts, which they will surely deliver to STAY for this upcoming Christmas.

STRAY KIDS is synonymous with fun and there is no doubt that this little preview shows us how great the ‘Christmas EveL’ MV will be.


The official Christmas EveL MV, as well as the entire single will be released on November 29, there are only 3 more days left to listen to the new music of SKZ and enjoy the official video for their title song that will surprise the world.

Do you have everything ready to celebrate Christmas next to STRAY KIDS? There is very little to go before this celebration with the boy band that will surprise us with all their talents and musical abilities.