Stray Kids: 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Han Jisung


Discover the secrets behind Stray Kids’ Han Jisung’s personality with these 12 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Idol!

The native of the city of Incheon, South Korea, was born on September 14, 2000, is 20 years old (21 in Korean age), his family is made up of his parents and older brother. The English name is Peter and he has adopted some nicknames from his peers like Squirrel, Hannie and Squirrel.

Currently, he works as a songwriter and rapper for Stray Kids, has participated in the lyrics of some songs and is a member of the 3RACHA subunit. Despite the fact that he has described his personality as someone who likes to sleep and enjoy his bed, his favorite place, Han Jisung wants to make sure that he is a guy who always strives with his work.

The idol is governed by the sign of Virgo, so he is considered a perfectionist, hence his desire to work, he can also be a practical and rational boy, that is, he is someone analytical and acts with logic. His dream as a K-pop idol began in 2015, when he auditioned for JYP and managed to get in, was a trainee for three years and managed to be one of the selections on the Stray Kids survival show.

In K-pop, he usually performs the main rap choruses, demonstrating his talent and ability for rhymes and the fluency of singing, had he not been an artist he would have been a producer, he has more than 60 songs registered in his name and among his additional skills is playing the guitar. If you are a new Stay or want to know what you did not know about Han Jisung, we leave you a list with 12 idol facts that will surprise you.

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He lived much of his childhood in Malaysia, but decided to leave the country for fear of never being able to fulfill his dream in music and promised his parents to return if he was not accepted into JYP.

His love for music comes from the idea that you can tell stories through it

Among his favorite things is the color red and the winter time

Among Han’s random curiosities is his love for meat, because he believes that eating it is much better than sleeping 12 hours, in addition, it is said that he sleeps with his eyes open.

Han’s personality is a bit optimistic, as his motto in life is “This too will pass”

He suffers from trypophobia, a kind of fear of images that cause a feeling of discomfort as they are made up of many circles or holes

Prefers cats over dogs

He has the gift of imitating Doraemon, a famous blue cat from anime

He believes that his strong point is his irises, since he has large eyes that manage to captivate his fans and it is one of his most striking facial features

Among his hobbies is watching horror and comedy movies, also enjoying anime

You are addicted to Internet shopping

In love, about his ideal girl Han wants me to be 1.55 meters tall
Recently, the idol was the victim of a very uncomfortable situation caused by a fan, who harassed him during a video call.


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