Stray has a higher user rating than Elden Ring


For many, FromSoftware’s Elden Ring seems like the obvious choice of Game of the Year. Currently, Elden Ring is not only the best-selling new video game of 2022, but also the most popular game of the year in terms of critical reviews. However, the newly released game can compete with Elden Ring for its money, since Stray’s “cat game” has burst onto the scene and already has a higher user rating than the open-world epic FromSoftware.

Stray and Elden Ring are very different. While Elden Ring is a huge open world full of intense challenges, Stray is a small, compact, mostly linear game in which there are practically no problems. He is completely focused on making the players feel like a real cat. It seems that this is exactly what many gamers want, since Stray has not only high critical ratings, but also high user ratings.

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On Metacritic, the PC and PS5 versions of Stray have higher user ratings than the PC and PS5 versions of Elden Ring. On PS5 Stray has a rating of 8.8, and Elden Ring – 8.0. On PC Stray has a rating of 8.8, while the rating of Elden Ring for PC is much lower — 7.0. It should be noted that there were some problems with the port of Elden Ring for PC at launch, which undoubtedly lowered its user rating on this platform. Not only that, there are thousands more Elden Ring user reviews than Stray reviews, so it’s not necessarily a fair comparison, but it’s still interesting to consider.

However, this is still a clear sign that Stray is well received by the gaming community. Not only does Stray dominate the user reviews pages of Metacritic, the game has also proved quite popular on platforms such as Steam. In fact, Stray is the Steam game with the highest rating at the time of writing this article in terms of user reviews.

It will be interesting to see how the incredibly positive reception of the Tramp will affect the future of the game. Perhaps this will convince developers to expand the game world of Stray with the help of DLC expansion. Alternatively, perhaps positive reviews will lead to high sales and justify the development of a full-fledged sequel to Stray.

While fans are waiting for news about the future of Stray, they can check out the various mods released for the PC version of the game to expand their capabilities. Most of the Stray mods released so far are humorous in nature, for example, the one that turns the cat into CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Stray is now available for PC, PS4 and PS5.


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