Stray from PlayStation Gets Backpacks and Backpacks for Cats Line Of Travel Merch

The upcoming Stray cat game will feature its own line of backpacks and Travel Cat harnesses. In the game, which is due to be released on PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC this July, players take on the role of a homeless kitten in a dystopian sci-fi city. Players will interact with strangers, knock down objects from high surfaces and secretly avoid mechanical enemies.
Originally announced in 2020 as part of the PlayStation Future of Gaming event, Stray is being developed by BlueTwelve Studio and is a mix of platformer and hidden gameplay. The game has been showcased at consecutive PlayStation events over the past two years, regularly eliciting reactions from players who praised the game’s charming and accurate animation of cats. However, the history of the game remains mysterious, and the secrets of its world will not be fully revealed until the players themselves check it out on July 19.
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A week before the release, Stray’s publisher, Annapurna Interactive, teamed up with Travel Cat to launch a new line of backpacks and harnesses for cats based on the game. Inspired by the visuals shown in Stray’s cat trailers, the new Travel Cat backpacks will be able to hold “up to 25 pounds of cat,” and the harness is modeled after the one worn by the main character, Stray the cat (although, unfortunately, without their friendly companion robot). The harness has a reflective mesh to keep cats in sight during night walks, and six feet of cord so they have plenty of room to maneuver. Pre-orders for the Travel Cat collection start today, and items will be delivered later this year.
In addition to Travel Cat’s Stray collection, Annapurna Interactive also recently announced plans for a physical release of the game, including vinyl with its soundtrack. Various physical editions of Stray will include various bonuses, ranging from an advertising poster to art cards. While Stray will be released digitally on PS5, PS4 and PC later in July, a physical release is currently slated for September 2022, meaning players will have to wait a few more months to play the game if they are waiting for the disc. Meanwhile, the vinyl is due out in the first quarter of 2023, and will also include a digital download code for the soundtrack so that players can listen to it on the go.
Stray reviews haven’t dropped yet, but the game promises to be interesting, particularly for cat lovers. Travel Cat backpacks should allow potential Stray players to take their feline friends in style, while physical editions are great for those players who prefer to have a disk and some physical memorabilia along with their purchases.