Stray Blade is RPG Announced At Gamescom For Consoles and PC


Stray Blade: Expanding the list of action RPGs available on the market, 505 Games and Point Blank announced the production of Stray Blade, a title that will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC sometime in 2022.

The story of Stray Blade takes place in Acrea, a region surrounded by mysteries that, suddenly, saw its moments of peace turn into wars and endless deaths. To try to reverse this situation, the protagonist duo must destroy relics of the past while facing the dangers of a world that is constantly changing – even when you’re dead.

Check out the game trailer below:

It’s worth mentioning that both the protagonist (known only as the Adventurer) and his partner named Boji have their own skill trees, and you should choose the best techniques to help you throughout the adventure – including boss battles.

So, did you like the result presented so far? Do you want to give the title a chance? Share your opinions in the space below for comments.


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