Stray 2 should have a customizable cat


The tramp has already charmed many gamers even before the release, because the idea of controlling a cat in the world of cyberpunk was quite intriguing in itself. However, a lot of positive reviews about Stray have shown that the new release of BlueTwelve Studio is a great game to download, in which players can solve some fun puzzles and get acquainted with really interesting knowledge throughout their journey.

Stray creates a feeling of feline position, since the behavior of cats is perfectly reflected by the game mechanics. From the meow button to pushing objects and nuzzling humanoid robots, players can do everything cats do in the real world. However, one thing that is not available to players is the cat setup, and BlueTwelve Studio should give it priority if the developer ever decides to make a sequel.

Customizing Cats can Add depth to the homeless

To be fair, there’s probably a good reason why a Stray cat can’t be configured. The cat Merto model belongs to the co-founders of BlueTwelve Studio Vivu and Kule. Since this cat was a real homeless man who was taken by a couple, the developers have a personal connection with the main character of the Tramp. While maintaining the same fur color, the game cat should probably become a replacement for the real Murtaugh, and many of the main character’s actions are modeled after the BlueTwelve pet.

With a potential sequel, BlueTwelve may expand the possibilities a bit so that players can customize the game cat. Thus, gamers could transfer their cats to a virtual environment, controlling their feline friend throughout another interesting story. When it comes to customization, there are also plenty of options, and many players would probably rush to post fashion posts showcasing their cat’s game design.

Different cat breeds can be featured in another Stray game where players will control everything from ragdolls to Maine Coons. In addition, it was possible to customize the color of the fur and eyes, which allowed players to have a black cat with yellow eyes if they so desired. Outfits can also be a fun addition, giving players the opportunity to wear scarves, hats, and other cosmetic items while they crawl. Searching for a poncho during Stray may initially disappoint players, as they may think they made an outfit for their cat, but instead realize that this item is intended for a robot.

Along with different cat breeds, color choices and clothing options, the customization system can see how BlueTwelve gives Stray fans control over their cats’ meowing. Many cats have different voices, so giving players the ability to control the sounds made by their main character would be another fun touch that allows gamers to fully embody their pets. In addition, players can control the size of the cat by playing for a fatter animal if they want. It can even add some fun animations, such as big cats trying to jump on certain ledges.

The last setting option will be different personalities. As many cat owners can confirm, each cat has a clear pattern of behavior that distinguishes it from others. Choosing a sullen cat, players could playfully scratch the robots’ legs rather than nuzzle them, and an angry cat could hiss rather than meow. These would be small adjustments and players could choose a balanced personality to have access to all possible traits, but this option would be another way to give the cat a unique personality. While the main character of the Tramp is attractive and has a great story outside the game, the potential Tramp 2 should shake things up by adding a new, customizable cat to the mix.

Stray is now available on PC, PS4 and PS5.