‘Strawberry Moon’ Became IU’s Third Song To Achieve Perfect All-Kill in 2021


IU again carved out a stunning achievement with the song ‘Strawberry Moon‘.


Starting on Saturday (23/10), the song ‘Strawberry Moon’ managed to get the Perfect All-Kill title on all South Korean music charts.

This Perfect All-Kill was successfully achieved by IU after the song ‘Strawberry Moon‘ was ranked first on the realtime and weekly charts on the iChart site, as well as other platforms such as Melon, Genie, FLO, VIBE, and Bugs.

Strawberry Moon‘ is now IU’s third song to win Perfect All-Kill this year, after the songs ‘Celebrity‘ and ‘LILAC‘.

In addition to IU’s song, other songs that won Perfect All-Kill this year are Brave Girls’ Rollin, BTS’ Butter, MSG Wannabe’s ‘Foolish Love’, LAROI and Justin Beiber’s ‘Stay’, and others the last one is aespa’s ‘Savage’.

Congratulations to IU!


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