Strategy Games On Sale At Ubisoft Store With Up To 75% Off


Ubisoft: If you are looking for PC strategy games but don’t know which title to buy, this could be your opportunity to secure some titles for promotional values. Ubisoft recently started a new promotional action with titles on strategy and reasoning for values much more affordable in its store.

With strategy titles that are part of the developer’s classic franchises, such as Anno, The Settlers and Heroes of Might and Magic, the promotion has several games and extra content that can guarantee hours of gaming. In addition to being able to find the games on the Ubisoft Store, here we have separated some titles that are attractively priced for you to take a look at. Check out the list of strategy games we’ve prepared on sale at Ubisoft:

Game Year 1800, PC
Game Heroes of Might and Magic 6: Shades of Darkeness, PC
Game The Settlers, PC
Game Year 2070, PC
Game The Settlers III – History Edition, PC


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