Strategists Explained: 5 Ways To Make Money With Metaverse!


Strategists of popular crypto channel BitBoy Crypto share trillion-dollar techniques for making money with the metaverse. Without wasting time, let’s list 5 items for new income sources…


Metaverse real estate investment


According to analysts, purchasing land in the metaverse will be one of the most important and possibly financially rewarding steps users will take in this entire journey. For example, SAND for Sandbox rose more than 260% in November and is still climbing, which will directly relate to the cost of virtual land. Analysts also share that there are several companies building a metaverse here.


Developing the lands


Analysts share that they can not only watch users buy or build and appreciate land, but also buy land to rent or advertise to platforms or other people who want to develop their land or start a business.


Investing in metaverse-focused companies


Another way to make money with Metaverse can be to invest in companies that build and own tokens. For example, there is SAND for Sandbox, AXS for Axie Infinity, and MANA for Decentraland. Analysts also emphasize that investing is synonymous with being involved in the industry:


For those who prefer the traditional way of investing, stocks of companies focused on the metaverse are a great option. Technology, gaming, e-commerce and social media giants such as Microsoft, Nvidia, Amazon, Disney, Unity, and recently rebranded Meta from Facebook have demonstrated their interest in developing their own metaverse. And all of these companies are traded on stock exchanges.


Investing in NFTs can also be another investment option. Analysts say there are unique pieces of digital data that make NFTs scarce and valuable and gain value over time.


earn money by playing games


The principle here is simple. Players have full ownership and control of their in-game assets and full authority to trade or exchange them for real world money.


Now, thousands of players have entered the game during the pandemic. They raised their digital pets, or Axies, and then made more money by trading online than what they did in real life.