Strategic partnership from Microsoft and SEGA: Here’s why!


Microsoft and SEGA have teamed up to form a strategic partnership. At this point, SEGA wants to implement the ‘Super Game’ project.


Microsoft and SEGA formed a strategic alliance on Sunday. In the press release, SEGA confirmed that the partnership will begin exploring game development for both companies using the Azure cloud infrastructure. This partnership will also help develop SEGA’s previously announced ‘Super Game‘ project.

Sarah Bond, corporate vice president of Microsoft, made some statements on the subject. In this context, he mentioned that SEGA plays a very iconic role in the gaming industry. In addition, she stated that the company is a very good partner.

SEGA wants to bring the ‘Super Game’ project to life

SEGA’sSuper Gameproject relies on a few key elements such as global, online, community and IP usage, according to press releases. The partnership is still in its infancy. That’s why SEGA plans to use the partnership to explore future collaboration, including network infrastructure and communications.

Yukio Sugino, SEGA president and COO, said: “With a strategic partnership with Microsoft in mind, we strive to further our game development so that our games can be enjoyed by fans around the world. In this context, we will leverage both SEGA’s strong game development capabilities and Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology and development environment.”

All known information on the subject at the moment ends here. However, at this point, the games revealed in partnership with SEGA Xbox Series X | Its arrival on S consoles is within the expectations.

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