Stranger Things: What we suspected about the bad game that ended in a ban


About to premiere its fourth season on May 27, Stranger Things is still considered one of the most successful and profitable original productions on the Netflix platform. Famous for being one of the first series to break records, the fact that it had a very young leading cast brought with it some problematic events that occurred during its recordings that have leaked to the press.

As will be recalled, the delay in the premiere of the fourth season of Stranger Things, due to the obstacles that the coronavirus pandemic brought to the world entertainment industry, has meant that its protagonists, who began in the series as almost children, no longer they are so much. For what, already converted into youngsters, they remember between laughter and embarrassment some of their pranks on the set during the first seasons, especially one that brought a ban on the part of the production.

Of its main cast, two most outstanding protagonists have always been in the first place Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the enigmatic girl with mysterious powers called Once / Eleven, while Noah Schnapp gives life to Will Byers. With the passage of time, both artists were able to build a beautiful friendship behind the scenes, which grew stronger between pranks, laughter and confidences.

Before some comments made in the past by one of the young protagonists of Stranger Things, Gaten Matarazzo who personifies the character named Dustin Henderson, he referred to some behaviors among the cast members. When it comes to the off-camera activities of Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp, a prank came to light that did not go as both young people expected.

The interpreters of Once and Will Gyers came up with the idea of ​​playing a very heavy prank on the costume designer of Stranger Things, while they were on the set of the Netflix series waiting to record their scenes. But unfortunately, the bad game triggered a strict sanction imposed on the entire cast and especially the teenagers, the production decided that the jokes were indefinitely prohibited from that moment.

Matarazzo revealed that behind the scenes of Stranger Things the whole team knew that the designer was in full preparation for her wedding, so the youngsters could not think of a better idea than for Noah to call the future bride posing as the manager of the place where he was going to celebrate his marriage, arguing that there was a problem with the construction of the place and that there was no other way out than to cancel his reservation.

“She (the designer) started crying, but Noah couldn’t see, and on the other side Millie was giving signs like ‘stop, stop!'” Matarazzo said.