Stranger Things universe is expanding!


Stranger Things universe continues to expand. Netflix has officially announced its new projects for its beloved and very popular production, Stranger Things.

Netflix gave the good news to Stranger Things fans at its Geeked Week event. The series, which is among the most important contents of the platform, will be presented to its fans as a book. In the event, where the name and release date of the production, which will be published physically and digitally, were announced, a podcast with the same story as the book was announced.

Unfortunately, Netflix has not announced the release date of the highly anticipated fourth season of Stranger Things. However, he released the trailer of the new projects.

The book, set in the Stranger Things universe, will be released on June 29!

The story, which tells the story of the character of Robin Buckley, who is included in the series in the third season, will be broadcast in written and audio form. The title of the production, which will be released as a book, will be Stranger Things: Rebel Robin. The book, which is stated to meet the reader on June 29, will be accessible both physically and digitally. A.R Capetta is behind the project. The famous writer made a name for himself with his works belonging to popular culture. The production, which is planned as a prequel to the character of Robin Buckley, will again focus on his high school period.

There will be another production of the same character planned as a podcast. The podcast, which will be screened under the name Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkings, will be available on the same date as the book. The podcast, whose story and subject are exactly the same as the book, will be a brand new way to reach Stranger Things. The broadcast, which will be voiced by Maya Hawke, who also portrays the character of Robin Buckley in the series, can be listened to on Spotify and Apple Podcasts platforms.

You can also participate in the Geeked Week event, where Netflix original productions are announced, on YouTube. The event will end on June 11

New players joining the fourth season have been announced

Four new names have joined the cast of Stranger Things season 4. These are:

  • Amybeth McNulty
  • Myles Truitt
  • Regina Ting Chen
  • Grace VanDien


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