Stranger Things: This is the relationship of Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink outside the set


The American sci-fi thriller web television series co-produced and distributed by Netflix, Stranger Things, is about to release volume 1 of its season 4 and fans are eager to continue watching as the cast of this show that has grown up against to the screen, continue to demonstrate values ​​such as friendship that some carry off the set, such as Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink.

After almost three years of waiting, fans already want to continue knowing what will happen in this story that stars Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven and Sadie Sink who plays Max, among a large number of young actors who they have been able to perform professionally and bring to the top of the audience with their on-screen talent. Curiosity also exists, especially about what their relationship is like off set, since being teenagers they may have common interests.

Thanks to a large number of publications on their respective social networks, they clearly show that Eleven and Max maintain a friendship generated in fiction and that it crossed the barrier of reality. The two actresses met on set when Max came onto the show in season two to play the stepsister of Billy (Dacre Montgomery), a skater girl who caught the attention of Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo).

In this new season, the story is set six months after the battle of Starcourt, where Max loses his brother, Billy, and later, Eleven loses his father, Jim Hopper (David Harbour). Then the gang is separated, but not for long since soon, they will meet again. According to the synopsis of this installment: “In this time when they feel so vulnerable, a terrifying new supernatural threat arises, a mystery that, if solved, would end the horrors of the Upside Down World.”

This pair of actresses began their friendship within the recording set of season 2 of the series. There her characters did not start in the best way, because for Eleven, Max represented a threat with her link with Mike (Finn Wolfhard). However, as the plot progressed they began to establish a great friendship and the audience will remember scenes of them shopping together or talking about boys.

Off camera Millie and Sadie have been great friends since 2017, they call themselves sisters and even went on vacation to Cabo, Mexico, with their families after the first year of Stranger Things. Even though Sadie, 20, is two years older than Millie, 18, that hasn’t stopped her from forming a positive connection with her co-star and now one of her favorites from her inner circle. she. In their Instagram accounts they publish photos and moments together.

In particular there was one in which Millie wrote when the filming of season 3 was finished: “When I said goodbye, I gave my best friend the greatest gift and told her that I love her very much. My sister forever”, then Sadie He replied in a comment, “We’re done with El and Max. Love you so much Millie Bobby Brown, thanks for the memories.”