Stranger Things: These are all the horror movies the series was inspired by


The fourth season of Stranger Things is already on its way, and it is that, after its glorious triumph of the third season on Netflix, the millions of subscribers of this streaming account are aware of each of the new details of this drama.

According to Netflix, the third installment of Stranger Things has been one of the most popular premieres in the history of this streaming service. Likewise, creators Matt and Ross Duffer, along with producer Shawn Levy, had already planned this season long before, even before the pandemic.

It seemed that everything was prepared, but suddenly the arrival of Covid-19 was crossed and all plans fell apart. However, after the recurring stoppages, the recordings once again got underway, and although it is not known when the fourth season of Stranger Things will actually premiere, it has already been confirmed on previous occasions that this plot will not end in 2022 yet. .

As mentioned above, Stranger Things has been inspired by the films and novels of Stephen King, however, this excellent writer has not only been referred to in this installment full of mysteries and science fiction, see the brief review of each of the references to horror movies:


As we well know, the main character of this drama, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) has incredible telekinetic abilities, as does the main character Carrie. However, the difference between these two girls is that for now, Eleven uses her powers against monsters and evil government agents. That is why many of the fans insist that very soon Eleven will have Carrie’s moment because of the abuse she has suffered.


Christine’s own car murdered quite a few people, this horror movie debuted in 1983. Although there is no murder car per se in Stranger Things, Billy (Dacre Montgomery) does drive a fairly similar model car, many of the shots They are almost identical to the one in the movie Christine.


IT is possibly one of Stephen King’s best-known novels, even in 2017 a remake of the original film was released. Although in the Netflix series it is not possible to see a group of children battling a clown, in Hawkins, Indiana we do see a group of youngsters battling supernatural monsters. This group is quite similar to the loser’s club in the book. Other novels by this famous writer, as well as other old horror movies that can be seen for reference are: Necessary Things, The Body, Firestarter, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws, Aliens, Poltergeist, Gremlins, Predator, Nightmare in Elm Street and The Thing.