Stranger Things: the series with Millie Bobby Brown accused of plagiarism!


The big scandal around the series with Millie Bobby Brown! Director accuses Stranger Things of plagiarism on Netflix.

A hard blow for Stranger Things! The series is accused of plagiarism on Netflix. It would therefore have great similarities with Totem.

Stranger Things has been a hit on Netflix for several years now. The series with Millie Bobby Brown is very original.

But now, the series is at the heart of a controversy. In fact, he is accused of plagiarism. Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of Stranger Things are therefore being sued.

The reason? So they would have stolen the main idea of ​​this series. But that’s not all! Netflix is ​​also being sued by the production company Irish Rover Entertainment.

The series would, therefore, have copied the idea of ​​Totem. A project was written by Jeffrey Kennedy. The director then explains the origin of his series.

The trigger was none other than the death of Clint Osthimer, one of his childhood friends who suffered from epilepsy.


In the complaint against Stranger Things, therefore, it is written: “During their childhood together in rural Indiana … Osthimer and Kennedy faced the constant threat of the ‘demon’ of Osthimer.

“So epilepsy created” lightning showers “in his brain. These lightning showers or crises, according to them, sent him into a supernatural plane where the demon resided “.

Too much is too much for Netflix! One official said, “Mr. Kennedy has been peddling these conspiracy theories for years. ”

“Even though Netflix repeatedly explained to him that the Duffer Brothers had never heard of him or his unpublished script before he threatened to sue them”

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“After we refused to give in to his demands for payment. He therefore filed this complaint without merit. There are plenty of people who would then want to claim the credit for creating Stranger Things. ”

“But the truth is that the series was designed by the Duffer Brothers. It is therefore the result of their creativity. And their hard work. “


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