Stranger Things: The new relationship we suspected arrives in this fourth season


Although we had to wait until this fourth season to see the outcome of some of the characters in this fictional story set in the eighties, what Stranger Things now raises between Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) is that since who live together, a kind of mother-daughter dynamic is taking place between them.

Although it is something that Eleven has never had before, since her biological mother was seriously affected by the thousands of experiments they did with her at the Hawkins National Laboratory. Terry Ives, who is played by actress Aimee Mullins, was left mentally ill and almost in a vegetative state. Therefore, when our protagonist was kidnapped, there was no hope that he would have such an emotional and sentimental relationship with a woman at the same time.

So, now the followers of Stranger Things in its fourth installment that will begin at the end of May, will be able to see how little by little the relationship takes its natural progression within the story, since Eleven will now live in California with Joyce, Jonathan (Charlie Heaton ) and Will (Noah Schnapp); This is due to the presumed death of Chief Hopper (David Harbour), who was protecting her from her as a father would from her until the third season.

“When a woman is in your life, you are inspired by her, especially a mother figure.”

Joyce Byers will then become the mother figure that Eleven has never had during all this time. The super-powerful young woman will be able to establish a mother-daughter relationship with whom she has been the mother of 2 other characters and who has always cared for the well-being of all her children’s friends.

In a recent interview, Brown has highlighted the immense gratification that her character felt when she found herself with the possibility of having this relationship that she had never been able to experience before. In addition, he stressed that it caused a strong sense of inspiration within her to know that her role could fill that sentimental void within the series.

For all the friends of Hawkins it will be a new experience since in this new installment there are several changes that will keep them separated for the first time. After how things ended with the battle of Starcourt and with the Upside Down along with other forces reorganizing to sow terror in the town again, many things can be expected for this premiere of season 4 of Stranger Things on May 27 on the platform. Netflix.