Stranger Things: The harsh Netflix confession that made Millie Bobby Brown cry


Thanks to the young and dynamic cast of Stranger Things, this fantasy suspense drama has had a large number of viewers since its debut in 2016. All this time the actors have been able to enjoy every moment in this Netflix series, and this They have shown both on screen with the incredible work they have done, as well as off camera, the closeness between them shows that they work in a healthy work environment.

One of the obvious examples of these words was the recent interview with actor Noah Schnapp, interpreter of Will Byers, who decided to make his appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s famous American television show, at this event, he did not hesitate to reveal how his reaction was when he learned that the show would end with a fifth season.

In this public interview, he revealed that his reaction to learning that this would be the “beginning of the end” of Stranger Things greatly upset the young actor Noah Schnapp, however, without realizing it, he also confessed that he was crying while receiving that news. . So were his stories:

“They recently published this letter that they wrote, which I never saw until they published it because they don’t really tell us anything, because they know I’m always messing things up. So they put out this letter, and it’s like, ‘The show is ending, that’s all.’ This is the beginning of the end.’ And I read it, and I was crying. I was so upset.”

In addition to having collapsed knowing that Stranger Things would be coming to an end, the truth is that Noah Schnapp was not the only one to have this feeling, he shared the news with the rest of his castmates and according to his words, they also reacted in the same way.

Noah Schnapp would have communicated with the rest of the Stranger Things actors, and they all confirmed that they were crying sad because of the news. Even in his account, the interpreter of Will Byers revealed that everyone began to write messages to the Duffers.

“I texted Millie Bobby Brown, my co-star who plays Eleven, and she was like, ‘Are you crying too? I also.’ And then I text Gaten Matarazzo, who also plays Dustin. He says, ‘I’m crying too.’ And then we all texted the Duffers and said, ‘This is so sad. I can’t believe this is over. And they’re like, ‘You need to stop texting us. I know it’s over, but we still have time.”

As is well known, Stranger Things brought these young professionals to fame from a very young age, so it is obviously difficult for them to accept the so-called “beginning of the end”. But, as the Duffer brothers revealed, there is still much to see, the fourth season will be twice as long as the other installments and will also be divided into two parts.

The first volume of Stranger Things will be released on May 27, and the second on July 1. Because of this, the fifth and final season could also have an extended runtime. It only remains to keep waiting a little longer to know the narrative arc to which this story will be directed.