Stranger Things: the actors’ amazing origins revealed!


A fan account of the hit series “Stranger Things” has just revealed the origins of the actors. And it is really very surprising!

What are the origins of the various actors in the huge hit series Stranger Things? On Instagram, a fan account with more than 50,000 subscribers then reveals them to Internet users!

The Stranger Things series saw the light of day for the very first time on July 15, 2016… a date that will go down in history!

Very quickly, the production of brothers Matt and Ross Duffer met with enormous success. The duo once again made their talent speak.

To date, there are 25 episodes divided into 3 different seasons. And to the delight of millions of fans, a 4ᵉ is getting ready!

On Instagram, a fan account then answered one of the questions everyone is asking: what are the origins of the different actors in the series?


According to the Instagram account with 58,000 subscribers, Caleb McLaughlin, Sadie Sink, Gaten Matarazzo and Noah Schnapp are therefore Americans.

But the last two would also be Italian and Canadian respectively. Yes, you did hear!

Finn Wolfhard is only Canadian. Finally, as for Millie Bobby Brown, the fan account of the Stranger Things series attributes her to English and Spanish origins.

On Instagram, the post then aroused many reactions. Internet users are also contesting certain information given.

“Noah is not Canadian. He said he was only American. “We let you take a look at the post available on the social network.

See you in 2021 for the 4th season of Stranger Things! Fans of this masterpiece can’t wait any longer …


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