Stranger Things season 4: Will Robin still be present?


That Robin fans are reassured, the female character will be back in season 4 of Stranger Things.

She returns ! It was during a question-and-answer session on Twitter that the writers of season 4 of Stranger Things announced the return of Robin. To the question “What is your favorite Robin replica?”, They would have replied: “A replica of Season 4, so you’ll have to wait to get the answer”. Quickly, the tweet disappeared from Twitter. This suggests that they should not have leaked this information.

For now, we know little about season 4. But Netflix studio has decided to innovate. This season should take place outside the mythical city of Hawkins, theater of previous seasons. This is also the only information given in the teaser published by Netflix. Speculation is therefore booming on the web. We also know that Netflix has announced that it has signed “a global multi-year contract for film and series projects” with the Duffler brothers, creators of the series.

The character of Robin, played by Maya Hawke, was immediately adopted by the fans. On Netflix’s twitter account, we read: “Protect Robin at all price! (“Protect Robin at all costs!” In French).

The character is openly homosexual, which gives him an almost political appearance. Maya Hawke said, “I only hope that if people can have so much affection for Robin, it will help them get real life for girls who like girls, and boys who like boys.”

Robin’s sexuality is only evoked in episode 7 of season 3 of Stranger Things. The character has attracted fans with other assets. As a reminder, it is by talking with Steve in a toilet that she announces to be in love with a girl.


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