Stranger Things season 4: will Hopper be back?


Season 4 of Stranger Things is in full preparation. Hopper could be dead if one of the actors in the Netflix series is to be believed.

Stranger Things fans can’t wait to see season 4. Everyone wonders if Hopper is still alive and we know a little more about it. Please note, the article contains spoilers!

This summer, Stranger Things fans were able to find Eleven, Mike, Dustin and the other characters. The young heroes have grown up well and are finally entering adolescence. However, this caused some conflicts and the heroes faced a huge threat in the city. Besides, Eleven’s adoptive father Hopper sacrificed himself for a good cause and the fans are in shock.

The stranger season 3 finale of Stranger Things left all the fans speechless. And for good reason, everything suggests that Hopper was killed and that he will never come back. However, the most optimistic believe that the character could return in the next season. After all, fans haven’t seen the character’s body and he could come back to life. In any case, David Harbor suggests in the LA Times.

For David Harbor, the Hopper performer, the character is dead. Besides, his death would even be necessary in Stranger Things so that Hopper can finally mourn. “We can see it in a certain way, as if he had to die to catch up with Sara [his daughter] and thus find her in the beyond. ” he said. So Hopper had to die in order to find peace. However, David Harbor does not fully believe in the end of his character.

David Harbor thinks Hopper could make a comeback in Season 4 of Stranger Things. Indeed, the character could return from the dead and surprise everyone. It would not be improbable since there are many strange things going on in the series. In any case, this should give some hope to the fans! “Now, whether or not there is some sort of new chapter related to his resurrection, that would be a very interesting thing for me, for obvious reasons,” he said.


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