Stranger Things Season 4 Will Break Up Jonathan And Nancy


The 4th season of “Very Strange Things” on Netflix is approaching the inevitable separation of Jonathan and Nancy, and although the first volume of season 4 has not yet confirmed it, in the last two episodes Nancy and Steve will get back together. This is not necessarily a bad thing for a series that tells about the romance of the coming-of-age of the 80s. In addition, Hawkins has much bigger problems, as shown in the season 4 finale of the TV series “Very Strange Things”.

However, Nancy and Jonathan’s breakup will be the end of an era that began back in the first season of “Very Strange Things.” Jonathan, Nancy and Steve have come a long way since the first three overcame their differences to work together Demogorgon. Everyone grew up and changed significantly after the events of the second and third seasons of the TV series “Very Strange Things”, which culminated in the Battle of Starcourt.

Now in season 4 of Very Strange Cases, Jonathan is trying to find his own way, gets lost in smoking weed, and his quiet intelligence is pushed into the background. Meanwhile, Steve has become kinder and more selfless, overcoming the toxic attitude that led to Steve and Nancy’s breakup in the first place. Nancy has undoubtedly grown the most by becoming an energetic and dedicated journalist, being the de facto leader of the group at Hawkins. The cast of “Very Strange Cases” 4 has grown, so the separation of Jonathan and Nancy seems inevitable.

Very strange things: Why Jonathan and Nancy break up in Season 4

Although it’s sad that the series let down Jonathan and Nancy’s relationship, “Very Strange Things” is a coming—of-age story. It’s not just the mischievous mystical forces that haunt Hawkins, but also the children and teenagers growing up and growing up with these inexplicable events. Growing up means watching relationships deteriorate, accepting changes in people’s lives as they find their own way, and moving away from friends and loved ones. Back in the 80s, growing up also meant that there was no easy access to long-distance communication, which only contributes to the confidence in the breakup of Jonathan and Nancy. While everyone in the town of Hawkins is threatened by Brenner’s criminal actions at Hawkins Lab, these teenagers are even more burdened by a transitional period in their lives when they have to deal with a terrible and all-consuming threat.

Since Nancy and Jonathan were separated by more than 3,000 kilometers, overcoming great difficulties without each other and not being able to communicate, it is unlikely that their relationship will survive all this. Romance has reached a dead end, and the relationship has reached a critical point. In addition, it seems that the 4th season of “Very Strange Things” is aimed at reviving Nancy and Steve’s relationship.

“Very Strange Things” will see Nancy and Steve together again

The breakup of Jonathan and Nancy will give viewers the opportunity to finally see Nancy and Steve together again, which was teased throughout season 4. The leader of the Hellfire Club, Eddie, even directly explains this in the 6th episode of the 4th season of the TV series “Very strange Things” “Chapter Six: Immersion”. In this episode, Dustin uses his compass to find a portal in the Opposite direction, which was opened by Vecna, the villain of the series “Very Strange Things” season 4.

Dustin calls the portal the “water gate” because it’s under the lake, and Steve is the first to dive in and explore it. When Steve returns to report his findings, an unknown force pulls Steve down. As Eddie later remembers Steve, Nancy immediately dives in to go after him, without the slightest hesitation. Moreover, Robin also made it clear to Nancy that Steve and Robin are just friends, almost convincing Nancy to take Steve back.

Steve and Nancy are better as a team

Jonathan and Nancy have had great moments together, but the reality is that from a romantic, strategic or narrative point of view, Steve and Nancy are the best team. Besides, Jonathan and Nancy’s breakup is long overdue. This can best be seen in season 3 of the TV series “Very Strange Things”, when Jonathan and Nancy suddenly leave school and work hard for the cartoonishly terrible employees of the local newspaper.

In a sloppy characterization, Jonathan is too meek to help his girlfriend stand up to their intimidating colleagues until they turn into literally monstrous body snatchers. And this is despite the fact that Jonathan has previously encountered Demogorgons and government agents and risked his life to save his brother in earlier seasons. Jonathan can’t stand up to the sneaky employees, as Nancy needs to fight them alone to give her character a theoretical moment of empowerment. However, like Nancy’s heart-to-heart conversation with her mother (who narrowly escaped an affair with a Mind Catcher), these moments are not true, as they do not correspond to the established characters.