Stranger Things Season 4: They reveal why this installment will be the biggest of all


Stranger Things, the hit series that has been absent from fans’ screens since July 2019, will finally return with Season 4 via the Netflix streaming platform at the end of May with a first wave of episodes. And just as the creators of the suspense drama Matt and Ross Duffer promised, they will be making it up to viewers with this new installment.

The series that follows the Hawkins gang will have a season 4 divided into two parts. While the first part will be released on May 27, the next installment will hit fans’ screens on July 1. The official news was released last week, after several months of uncertainty as the filming of the new episodes wrapped up some time ago.

Let’s remember that the coronavirus pandemic delayed the filming of the show and it has been more than two years since fans saw season 3. Desperate for any content, viewers were frustrated by the lack of news, but now it seems that the Duffer brothers , will present a fourth installment in a big way.

The three seasons that Stranger Things currently has under its belt featured episodes that ran between 40 and 55 minutes. With the arrival of the fourth installment, fans will be able to revel in the biggest season that has been seen so far, as it will be twice as long as the previous one, as announced by Netflix.

One of the concerns about the length of Stranger Things season 4, aside from the age of the actors, was how the creators would fit such a huge story into a single season. Multiple filming locations, and the length of time between filming and release, made for a much bigger season than the first three. However, Netflix and the Duffers also addressed that issue. This Netflix said on twitter:

Stranger Things 4 will not only be the most intense season yet, but it will also be the biggest! Almost every episode is oversized, literally! That means Season 4 is twice as long as Season 3!

In this sense, it is very likely that Stranger Things fans will receive episodes of the fourth season on their screens, which could last around two hours each. In this way, the Duffer brothers will be compensating viewers for waiting so long.