Stranger Things: Season 4 recordings are still far from over


Stranger Things fans will still have to wait for another good time to be able to watch the fourth season of the series. At least that’s what one of the show’s stars, actor Gaten Matarazzo, said. According to him, the recordings of the new episodes are still far from over, as the production schedule, which began in early 2020, is adapting to the pandemic.

The statement was made by the actor in an interview with the Collider website, in which Matarazzo said the recordings have been canceled several times. According to him, even when the team receives a date to be able to make the recordings, it can still be postponed. These delays and unforeseen events make it impossible to know exactly when filming will end.

“Few dates are reliable,” said Matarazzo. “It’s more of a guess as to when we’re going to shoot next, when we’re going to wrap up, when it’s going to be released. We don’t know on a day-to-day basis if we’re going to shoot next week. I should be shooting next month, but even if it’s two weeks from now, I still don’t know an exact date. So, because of that, there is really no way to find out when we are going to finish recording. ”

With the delay, the writers were able to finish all the scripts of the fourth season in the middle of 2020, however, little is known about what to expect from the new episodes. In the beginning of 2020 a small teaser was revealed showing that Hopper (David Harbor) is alive and in Russia and, now, in March 2021, we were introduced to some photos that revealed a trailer in Hawkins taken by the inverted world.

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