Stranger Things season 4 promotional video is on air


Stranger Things season 4 promotional video is on air. The filming of the fourth season of the highly anticipated Stranger Things series has started. As the Netflix team, we also shared the promotional video of the 4th season of the series, which we are eagerly anticipating. The series is expected to air next year. The net broadcast date of the series is not yet clear.

Stranger Things, a love letter written to the classics of the 1980s that fascinated a generation, takes place in 1983’s Indiana when a child falls into a secret. As his friends, family, and local police search for answers to his disappearance, they find themselves entangled in an extraordinary mystery involving state-run top-secret experiments, creepy supernatural powers, and an extremely weird little girl. Now they have to join forces to survive and remember that friendship is stronger than fear.

Since Stranger Things premiered in 2016, Emmy, Golden Globe, Grammy, SAG, DGA, PGA, WGA, BAFTA, a Peabody Award, AFI Program of the Year, the People’s Choice Awards, MTV Movie & TV Awards, and Teen It has won over 65 awards at the Choice Awards and has been nominated for 175 different awards. Stranger Things has been nominated for a three-time Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama and is among Netflix’s most-watched TV series. Season 3 alone was watched by 40.7 million viewers in the first four days. One week after it was broadcast, it was watched by 65 million people.

Stranger Things has been a huge success around the world

Netflix’s original series Stranger Things, produced by Monkey Massacre Productions & 21 Laps Entertainment, was brought to life by the Duffer Brothers, who are also the executive producers of the series. Among the executive producers of the series are Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen of and Iain Paterson for 21 Laps Entertainment.


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