Stranger Things season 4: photos show comeback


No more waiting for signs of life in Stranger Things. More than 1 year after the series ‘premiere of the series, Netflix finally announced, through its official Twitter and Instagram accounts, that the recordings for the series’ fourth season have resumed.

The Netflix

Due to the new coronavirus pandemic and social isolation rules, Stranger Things had the start of filming postponed indefinitely. The news only served to make fans more anxious about the fourth season of the series, which finally started to be recorded.

Netflix posted the same image on Twitter and Instagram, but with different messages. On Twitter, he wrote: “today in Hawkins”, making a reference to the city where the show takes place. Already on Instagram, the post was with a caption that said: “meanwhile, in the inverted world”.

The interaction didn’t end there! Another official account of the streaming platform responded with: “this tweet is very strange, maybe even … STRANGER THAN YOU THINK”.

The 4th season of Stranger Things

With a final full of farewells and deaths, the third season of the series left many questions for fans. The main question from the public so far is: Is Hooper alive? If so, where did it end up?

SyFy unveiled a possible message hidden in the image posted by Netflix. The clapperboard features the numbers 8.19 and 79, which may refer to the date August 19, 1979, when the Soviets returned to Earth after a space journey.

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