Stranger Things season 4: nine episodes expected for this season?


Season 4 of Stranger Things is in full preparation. The new season may just have nine episodes on Netflix.

Stranger Things fans can’t wait to see season 4. The production has finished working on all the scripts and we know more about the number of episodes. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

A year ago, fans of Stranger Things were able to find Eleven, Mike, Will and the other characters in season 3. The young heroes have grown up a lot and some romances have emerged.

However, this created some tension within the group and Eleven had to fight a monster in Hawkins. However, Hopper did not hesitate to sacrifice himself in order to save his adopted daughter and the fans were all very surprised.

However, do not panic, Hopper will be back in season 4 of Stranger Things. Besides, fans can expect some great intrigue because the character will be far from Hawkins.

The shooting of season 4 had to stop because of the Covid-19. For the moment, no one knows when the actors will resume filming, but the series seems to be going quite well.


On Thursday, June 18, the writers posted a photo of several scripts on Twitter. It seems that the latter have finished working all the episodes of season 4 of Stranger Things. Thus, the actors will be able to prepare to shoot the rest of the episodes and this is very good news.

“Stranger Things season 4: the full season” can be read on the tweet. However, according to the Collider media, it may well be that the new season is only entitled to nine episodes. Indeed, on the stack, there are indeed nine files which each represent an episode.

However, it would not be surprising if there were only nine episodes for the new season. In fact, in the first season, Netflix only released eight episodes. Then, season 2 had nine episodes, but the channel only broadcast eight episodes for season 3.

As a result, fans should be rather happy to hear that there will be nine episodes. However, it’s best to wait for the official announcement from Netflix or the showrunners before celebrating.


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