Stranger Things Season 4: Netflix releases new teaser a few days after the premiere


Stranger Things, the fiction and suspense series created by the Duffer brothers, has stayed away from fans’ screens since season 3 premiered on the Netflix streaming platform almost three years ago. Now, after so long, the two-part season 4 will arrive with new episodes on May 27.

Many fans had given up hope of seeing more stories from the series again, after the arrival of the global health crisis affected the production of season 4 of Stranger Things. But, fortunately, the crew and cast of the hit drama managed to complete the filming of the 9 episodes that the next installment will feature.

The Duffer brothers previously promised that Stranger Things season 4 is the biggest of all, with an ability that will blow the imagination of the viewers, as it will be loaded with new mysteries and creatures never seen before by the viewers of the drama that is It first premiered in July 2016 on Netflix.

Stranger Things season 4 is the most expensive of all installments in the series so far. According to a recent report, each of the nine episodes cost $30 million to produce, meaning the Duffers’ promise could be realized with more special effects and a riveting plot that is sure to leave fans sitting on the edge of their seats. seating.

Netflix releases new trailer for Stranger Things season 4

As fans wait for the fourth installment of Stranger Things to develop a story that lives up to expectations, Netflix released a new teaser of the upcoming episodes just days before the premiere. It must not be denied that the production of the program seeks to compensate the fans for the long wait, and that is why it keeps launching promotions and revealing some details, but without showing too much.

There is no doubt that Stranger Things season 4 will be a good bet. The fact that the program motivates fans with the phrase “it will be worth the wait” is a sign that the production is focused on appeasing the spirits of the millions of viewers who have been waiting for almost three years for new episodes.