Stranger Things Season 4: Netflix advances first 8 minutes and reveals details


Stranger Things hasn’t featured any new episodes since Season 3 hit Netflix almost three years ago. It’s been a long absence from fan screens, but it’s a promise that the fourth installment will make up for all the lost time. And as a sample, the transmitter released the first 8 minutes this Friday and also revealed new details.

As previously reported, Stranger Things season 4 is divided into two parts and Netflix is ​​scheduled to premiere next Friday, May 27 with the first wave of episodes, while a second part will be available on the streaming platform at from July 1.

There is only one week left for fans to have on their screens what they have been waiting for since 2019. And in the meantime, Netflix has released important news revealing that the first part of Season 4 of Stranger Things will have a total of 7 episodes. Therefore, the second wave of delivery will have only 2 to complete the 9 that are planned.

In addition to revealing how the fourth and penultimate installment of Stranger Things will be distributed, Netflix shared more information by releasing a video of the first 8 minutes of the new installment of the fiction and suspense drama that follows Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), the girl with telekinetic powers and his gang of friends from Hawkins.

For a while now, the creators of Stranger Things have been promising that season 4 of the Netflix series will be the biggest of them all. This consists in that in addition to being made up of 9 episodes in total, more than previous installments, it will narrate a plot focused on terror with darker suspense stories.

Netflix releases first 8 minutes of Stranger Things season 4

Netflix also announced this Friday that Season 4 Episode 7 will clock in at 98 minutes long, making it the longest in the series’ entire history, which translates to roughly two and a half hours. Stranger Things co-creator Matt Duffer recently explained to The Wrap that episodes “seven and nine, in particular, are movies. And nine is a long movie.

For his part, Ross Duffer said that regarding the end of the first part of season 4 of Stranger Things, it will last more than two hours, while the rest of the episodes will arrive at around 75 minutes, which means that fans will have on their screens a lot of content from the successful series.