Stranger Things season 4: who is the Mental Flagellator?


Stranger Things season 4: what is this crazy theory about the Mental Flagellar? We give you more details!

A theory about the Mental Flagellar in Stranger Things could explain everything!

While waiting for the next episodes of the 4th season of Stranger Things on Netflix, fans let themselves be convinced by the wildest theories. Indeed, many hypotheses and rumors are emerging.

Besides, it must be said that a lot of mystery hangs over the small town of Hawkins. So, a lot of secrecy about the inhabitants is still to be discovered.

This time it’s Sergeant Hooper’s return to Stranger Things that is at the heart of all theories. But also the unexplained provenance of the Mental Flagelleur.

Today is therefore the past of this strange creature which will be scrutinized. So we might be able to see a little more clearly.


Thus, an article on the Screenrant site seems to have found the reason which explains the existence of the Mental Flagelleur. According to this source, the monster is actually 001.

So this is Hawkins’s first experiment in Stranger Things, where Elf also comes from. This therefore explains why the latter is the target of the powerful creature.

Indeed, the Mental Flagellar could have been deliberately trapped in the Upside Down by scientists or have created the dimension of himself. Indeed it would be the result of an experiment that went wrong.

It also explains Dr. Brenner’s interest in Eleven. Indeed this one would be the only one capable of knocking down 001.

A theory which, if true, would conclude Eleven’s story in the best possible way. Indeed, in season 4 of Stranger Things this revelation will be a click for the girl.

Thus, she will regain all her mental capacities and will be able to defeat the Mental Flagelleur as well as the other threats. Case to follow.


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