Stranger Things season 4: a lot of new cast characters!


If you have not seen Season 3 of Stranger Things yet, do not read the following. The article may include many spoilers. For others, you’re probably still mourning Hopper. Perhaps dead in the last episode of season 3. However, some hope, despite everything, a turnaround. Hey, the famous Hawkins sheriff is still alive. This may be possible. Because new characters should arrive!

As for the 4th season of Stranger Things, important new characters, therefore, should land. Because on the site TVLine, our colleagues of Melty noticed that the production was in search of 4 new actors. The media, thus explaining that 3 of them would be teenagers of the age of Mike and his friends.

Among them, one would be a metal fan, another popular sportsman at his school, and finally, the last one, a cannabis smoker. These three there, potentially Mike’s new friends in his new college for the 4th season of Stranger Things. No doubt also to help him find Hopper if it is still alive.

Because yes, it is indeed the presence of Hopper that still raises so many questions. Some think he’s dead. Others think that he would still be alive and detained in Russia in Season 4 of Stranger Things. This is why the 4th profile sought feeds even more these rumors. Because, according to Melty, the last actor would be an adult, unlike the other 3.

This one, must have physical traits making it think that it comes from Russia. We can already see you hoping behind your screen. Because that would mean that part of the next season of Stranger Things should indeed take place in this country, in which the sheriff would be imprisoned.

It remains to be seen if this theory is true, or if it is a whole other plot in history. But no doubt Mike, Eleven and his friends will have to face monsters again. This, perhaps causing the death of Steve in the next season of Stranger Things, according to the latest rumors …

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