Stranger Things: Revealing the details of some characters


Recently, the comic book series Stranger Things: Into the Fire came to an end and featured in its plot some elements that connected with Netflix’s original attraction.

Published in four editions by Dark Horse, the derived story explored the arc of the MKUltra program, responsible for the creation of guinea pigs with metal and telekinetic control powers, – Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), in the series, and Kali, presented in 2nd season and more developed at HQ.

The Kali Mission

In the comics, other children from MKUltra gained more prominence. This occurs after the introduction of Kali and his colleagues in the streaming service series, in addition to the events that led to the union between Eleven and this group, to locate and assassinate those responsible for the government program. The reasons that led to the subsequent separation from the class were also highlighted.

Among them, the fact that Eleven returns to Hawkins, for not wanting to go on with a life of revenge, and Kali continues his journey in search of justice. In Chicago, the latter meets with other special young people, such as the character Ricky, who reveals that he also knew Eleven and knew his full potential. So it directs them to look for more people with similar powers.

Dr. Brenner

The comics also give more focus to the actions of Dr. Brenner, one of the main antagonists of the 1st season, played by Matthew Modine. The character orders that all other guinea pigs in the program be eliminated, as they are not as powerful as Eleven, and that all resources be turned to make it a weapon.

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Thus, these attitudes showed their most cruel side: the test subjects were treated only as numbers, not people. After the group leaves to sign it, its members discover the doctor’s death and, thus, go after Dr. Morris, one of those involved in the project, who may have information about Jaime, Marcy’s twin brother.

The Inverted World

Stranger Things: Into the Fire also shows scenes from the Demogorgon in the memories of other children in dimensions proper to the Inverted World. After Jaime was rescued by Ricky and Marcy, a concept of family that calmed them was developed between Kali and the trio. With this, a new message of homage to Eleven and other Hawkins characters emerges.


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