Stranger Things: New Season 4 Photos Shock Series Fans



Stranger Things: This week, photos of the film set for season 4 of Stranger Things were released and the situation doesn’t look too good for the character Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown. After a break from shooting due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Netflix series returned to Georgia.

It is not known exactly what the scenes depicted in the photos mean, thus allowing the fans’ imagination to overflow with so many possibilities for events. The three images were released unofficially and could be either Eleven’s flashbacks or dreams.

The first is of a dummy version of the character Eleven with an oxygen device in her mouth, being carried out of a building on a stretcher.

The second image shows a building in Hawkins being demolished by bulldozers, with armed guards, police and officers investigating the rubble. Leaving everyone curious to find out which building will be destroyed or, if it’s a flashback, what was built on top.

The third photo of the set shows a very busy street in what could be Hawkins, with an ambulance, a police car and in the background the excavator, which could be a continuation of the scene with the Eleven mannequin.

Another interesting thing to notice about this image is the addition of an Army equipment store in the city, giving the impression that citizens can buy weapons anytime they want.


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