Stranger Things: Last revealed poster could change the destiny of a character


Despite the big changes Stranger Things season 4 will bring with the cast members of the show being a bit more grown up. Fans have been talking about one of the details that was revealed before the release date of the Netflix series was confirmed. In which they assure that Max (played by Sadie Sink) could have a different destiny and a great change in his history.

It is true that the last season that viewers saw of Stranger Things occurred in 2019, the COVID pandemic affected the entire world. Which led to the entertainment industry stopping completely, to adopt biosecurity measures to continue with its productions. But in turn, the time elapsed to return to film the fourth installment, actors like Millie Bobby Brown, Sadie Sink, Gaten Matarazzo and Finn Wolfhard grew up enough.

Now, with the young actors a little more adult than they started in Stranger Things. Fans have noticed a lot of detail with the latest poster that was revealed for Season 4 of the show. In the foreground in the lower third of the poster, there is a haunted-looking house, plus there is a demonic-looking face with glowing blue eyes. As incredible as it looks, fans say there’s a lot of detail in there about Max.

Although the lead actress of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven stands out the most in the latest season 4 poster. Fans believe that Sadie Sink as Max is shown in proportions almost as large as her, which could mean that your story in this installment will be more important. In fact, some agreed that the two characters will probably have a lot to do in this installment:

“I’m not a huge fan of Max being the main character this season, but I’m open to that changing if I really like the character of him.”

Let’s remember that in the end of the third season of Stranger Things, Eleven had lost her powers. While Max’s brother, Billy (Dacre Montgomery), died in her arms. Which means that the fourth installment could follow these two plot points, which may explain why Max could have a larger story.

Although these are just a few fan theories for Stranger Things season 4, it only remains to wait for the release of the show. As confirmed by the Netflix platform, the premiere will take place on May 27, 2022, so it only remains to wait for the development of the nine episodes that will define everything.