Stranger Things You Should Know About Season 4


Stranger Things Season 4 series approval video was shared by Netflix. We have compiled for you what will happen in the new season of Stranger Things.

In 2016, Stranger Things, the Netflix production of the new season, was created by the Duffer Brothers. Since its release, Millie Bobby Brown with Eleven, Finn Wolfhard with Mike, Gaten Matarazzo with Dustin, Caleb McLaughlin with Lucas, and Noah Schnapp with Will. The new season of the production, which broke the “all-time” record in the platform with its 3rd season, is also eagerly awaited. Each season has a different theme and many theories are discussed for the fourth season of the production, which goes through the events of the following years.

What will happen to the characters with Stranger Things Season 4?

In the third season finale of the show, we saw Joyce and Jim fighting at the Russian secret base in Hawkins. Following the traces of the children, the duo had the opportunity to close the machine that opened the gate, but Hopper had a big fight with a Russian agent. Even though Joyce took action to shut down the machine, Jim Hopper, who won the fight, got stuck inside. After Joyce’s move, the machine exploded just like the opening scene of the season, and the gate appeared closed. But we didn’t see what happened to Hopper who was inside.

Immediately after that, following the generics of the series, Netflix brought the expectations back to the agenda with the additional stage. Moving to a military base in Russia’s Kamchatka region, the series included captives. This time, the Russians had opened the gateway to their home from Upside Down, and some of the creatures there had set up such a place in their own country for experiments. One of the monsters they brought here was Demogorgon, which appeared in the first season. But we can say a little more genetically modified. Maybe we’il see Jim Hopper here in the new season.

What about Stranger Things season 4?

It is said that there will be very different events in the new season and this season will be the last and the series can be continued as spin-offs. However, with the final stage, Russia is expected to go to the Kamchatka region and Upside Down is expected to be between the US and Russia. It is even predicted that the Chernobyl disaster could be included in the new season. The first three seasons of the series came from 1983 to 1985. In season 4, we will probably watch what happened in 1986. This date reinforces the Chernobyl claims.

Another issue that will reinforce these predictions is the use of the title of the series.We are not in Hawkins anymore  in the newly released trailer of the series. There are also rumors that the new season will be between 8-10 episodes and that Stranger Things Season 4 will be released by the end of 2020.


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