Stranger Things: Finn Wolfhard says it will be the darkest


Finn Wolfhard, Mike of Stranger Things, revealed that Season 4 is the darkest in the series so far. Netflix production, which was delayed because of the pandemic shortly after filming began, resumed work in the autumn of the northern hemisphere. However, the productivity on the set is lower than normal and, therefore, the 4th season still has nothing official debut.

In an interview with CBC, Finn commented on the mood of next year in the series. He says that, as much as he found the 3rd season quite sinister, the 4th will arrive surpassing the previous years. “Each season gets more and more gloomy,” added the actor.

He even said that he is very excited for fans to see the show.

The cast of Stranger Things have, little by little, given little information about the return of the series, without missing much.

From an unexpected return of an old character to a mysterious new assassin played by Robert Englund, famous for playing Freddy Krueger, Stranger Things is expanding even outside of Hawkings.

More details on the fourth season of Stranger Things

The third season of Stranger Things, released in 2019, ended with Eleven and Will leaving Hawkings after Kim Hopper’s alleged death, while Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Max stayed behind. However, it is expected that the 4th year will respond to the hooks left by the series, as well as find a way to bring all the characters back together.

In the meantime, the return to production promises to place the groups in specific conflicts, having to defend themselves in fewer numbers, facing their internal and external demons alone.

Stay tuned for more news about the fourth season of Stranger Things!