Stranger Things: Discover The MBTI Of The Characters From The Series


Stranger Things:  Have you ever stopped to think about the characters’ personalities on Stranger Things? Well, we ran some tests and decided to understand the MBTI of each figure in the series. Check out the results!

For those unfamiliar, the famous Myers-Briggs Typology test, popularly known as MBTI, manages to organize individuals into sixteen different groups according to their personalities, separated by a series of questions that identify certain preferences and behaviors.

The groups are generated from four fundamental characteristics that focus on Extrovert (E) or Introvert (I), Sensory (S) or Intuitive (N), Rationalist (T) or Sentimental (F) beings, in addition to Judging (J) ) or Perceptives (P).

In this way, the types arise:

ENFJ – Protagonist
INTP — Logical
INTJ — Architect
INFJ – Lawyer
ISFJ — Defender
ISFP — Adventurer
ENTJ – Commander
ENTP — Innovative
INFP – Mediator
ESTP — Entrepreneur
ESFJ — Consul
ESFP — Animator
ESTJ — Executive
ISTJ — Logistics
ENFP — Activist
ISTP — Virtuoso

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things and are looking forward to the premiere of Season 4 of the Netflix series, check out the MBTI of the main characters below.

12. Max Mayfield: ENTJ

It takes a lot of courage and willpower to accomplish everything Max (Sadie Sink) has managed to do. His personality, according to the MBTI, is composed of greater focus and attention to the external world, rationality, judgments and analyzes of the external world, also including greater intuition in the perception of things. In that way, she’s a pretty shrewd commander, isn’t she?

11. Steve Harrington: ENFP

With a lot of popularity and sociability, Steve (Joe Keery) could fit in with other personality types, however, there are more reasons for him to be an activist, considering that, during his trajectory on the series, it is remarkable to see how he manages to build relationships solid, healthy and deep with whoever you want. In this context, he also fights a lot for what he believes in and doesn’t easily give up on someone he likes.

10. Nancy Wheeler: ESFJ

From the first moment it appears in the narrative, we can already see how Nancy (Natalia Dyer) likes to socialize with people, needing parties and cool environments to be happy. She is very fond of attention, different styles and extravagant combinations in her wardrobe. Despite this, her consul personality has a strong sense of responsibility and, for that reason, she is very focused on her studies.

9. Jonathan Byers: INFP

Nancy’s boyfriend is Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), who could be framed as her exact opposite, namely an INFP. Reinforcing that old idea that opposites attract, it is possible to see, however, that he actually has some characteristics of a mediator, such as being willing, in most cases, to listen to what people have to say.

8. Jim Hopper: ISTP

Anyone already familiar with the MBTI should agree that Jim Hopper (David Harbour) is a natural born virtuoso. For him, there are times when his peace is worth more than anything. However, the character is also quite confident and tends to act in a practical way, taking his curiosity as a guide. As the series progresses, we take a closer look at how it does its work.

7. Eleven: ISFP

Another character who has his personality well defined is Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), whose adventurous spirit is very flashy, especially during the last few seasons. Always willing to expand her horizons, meet new people, build new alliances and explore the world, the character has stood out overwhelmingly and is a favorite among Stranger Things fans.

6. Barbara Holland: ISFJ

From the beginning, Barbara (played by Shannon Purser) has displayed an energy that is very attentive to detail and defender of what she believes. There is a lot of evidence in the series that reinforces exactly these points, in addition to contrasting with his reserved and introverted style. Barb is also very trustworthy and understanding, her death being one of the saddest things ever seen at this point in the production.

5. Mike Wheeler: INFJ

Always thinking about reconciling and understanding all sides before making judgments, Mike (Finn Wolfhard) is the “lawyer” of the group. When he met Eleven, he tried to help her even though he didn’t know exactly what to do. Willing to take mortal risks to save his friends, the character is very strong and follows his convictions like no one else. Certainly, he is a favorite among fans of the series.

4. Will Byers: INFP

Somehow Will (Noah Schnapp) is always willing to see the good in every situation, even when they seem complex and difficult. At first, he is quite shy and introverted, but after he is familiar with people, he manages to open up and show his best side as well, being very affectionate and endearing.

3. Lucas Sinclair: ESTJ

While introverts are in apparent greater numbers among the series’ characters, there are other extroverts at the core, such as Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), considered an executive. Among his main characteristics, he is being a good leader, who is always willing to keep order and calm among his friends. Furthermore, he also wants everyone to be very responsible and organized so that his peace is not affected.

2. Dustin Henderson: ENTP

Another extrovert in the group is Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), an innovator, who is always willing to meet and discuss new ideas, even if they, to some extent, negatively affect other points of his life. With quick thinking and unrestrained anxiety, he is always ready to defend what he believes, being stubborn at various times. Despite this, the character wants to learn from his mistakes, something that is quite remarkable.

1. Joyce Byers: ISFJ

And to close the list, another introverted advocate. Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) is always concerned with protecting those she loves, being quite fierce when necessary and articulating all of her defense mechanisms. She’s quick enough when she wants to and too smart to escape risky situations. With that protective spirit, she became a very traditional mother.

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