Stranger Things: David Harbor Says Season 4 Is His Favorite


Stranger Things: David Harbor commented that season 4 of Stranger Things will be bigger than previous years, with new elements and different plot settings. In an interview with Collider, live actor Jim Hopper talked about his character’s journey and indicated that the Netflix series is on its way to delivering fans a satisfying ending of the story at the right time.

“It’s going to be bigger [in terms of] scope, scale and even in terms of locations as we’re not going to be in Hawkins anymore. We’re going to present new elements, but also move towards closing certain paths [of the plot] so that [the production] has a clear and specific ending at some point, a subject that I really can’t comment on,” he said.

Harbor also revealed inspiration in The Lord of the Rings for the former sheriff’s return — given the final events of Season 3 that left his future uncertain. In this case, he compared his journey with Gandalf’s resurgence in Tolkien’s saga:

“Hopper will be in his purest and most vulnerable state, in a sense. He will be in a Russian prison, which will allow him to reinvent him. It will be possible to have a kind of rebirth, similar to what happened with Gandalf, something that we always planned to do and that I was very interested in”, he added.


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