Stranger Things: about the sequel with Millie Bobby Brown!


We know more about season 5 of Stranger Things! The producers have decided to renew the series for several more episodes!

The Stranger Things series will continue for a little while! Indeed, a season 5 is planned!

Definitely, the Netflix series does not lose its breath… The fans still adore watching the episodes…

Indeed, the strange world of Stranger Things fascinates! And the added bonus is that we could see the actors grow up!

Thus, the series revealed many talents like the beautiful Millie Bobby Brown! The young woman was revealed to be really very young …

We were therefore able to see her evolve from her 11 years to her 16 years! We love it… don’t you?

The young woman has a great future in the world of cinema ahead of her! Indeed, Stranger Things opened great doors for him!

Thus, she has already been able to play with great actors like Helena Bonham Carter or even Henry Cavill! Well done to her!


Many fans thought that Stranger Things season 4 would be the last too! However, a season 5 is well planned!

So fans of the series are impatient! They want to know more …

The only thing is, Season 4 still hasn’t been released so they can’t figure out what to expect for Season 5! Either way, that’s two good news, right?

However, with each season announced the fans panic a little… Indeed, they fear a terrible announcement which could break their hearts, namely an end to Stranger Things!

We understand them… Especially since the producers already have an idea for the end of the series…

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We therefore hope for a successful ending … Indeed, the very famous Netflix series is so successful that we will have to send the package to satisfy the fans …

Case to follow!


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